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The HRVR shall, within reasonable limits, do everything possible to ensure that a visit to the boutique and the experience and activities organised by the HRVR proceeds in a pleasant manner. The HRVR shall make every effort to limit to a minimum any potential nuisance and inconvenience, as well as to guarantee the safety of the visitor.

General Provisions: Definitions

Article 1.1

With HRVR is understood to mean the organisation that manages and exploits the Virtual Reality Boutique showroom. With ‘personnel’ is understood to mean all the personnel of or hired by the HRVR including, but not exclusively, the management, visitors’ services staff, and other museum officials.

Article 1.2

With „VR Boutique showroom” is understood to mean the entirety of the site (built-on and open) that falls under the legal or supervisory authority of the management of the HRVR including, but not exclusively, VR googles and chairs, reception area, garden, other outdoor spaces and depots.

Article 1.3

‘Visitor’ is understood to mean anyone who has bought a ticket for the HRVR experience and/or enters the HRVR Boutique for the purpose of a VR experience.

Article 1.4

These general Terms and Conditions shall apply to all visits to the HRVR Boutique. Departures from these provisions may well apply during other special activities outside of regular opening hours and/or directed at other than the regular visitor, as in the case of hiring a hall, catering and the like.

Ticket Sales, Special Offers and Prices

Article 2.1

The HRVR reserves the right to change its prices.

Article 2.2

The visitor is required at all times, upon request, to present proof of admission and a voucher or any discount coupon for admission to the personnel.

Article 2.3

The prospective visitor is not entitled to repayment of the admission price or any other compensation in the event of loss or theft of the admission ticket before he/she has entered the boutique. In the event the prospective visitor does not make use of an admission ticket purchased in advance, this shall be at the visitor’s own expense and risk. This also applies in the event the admission ticket is only valid until a specific time and/or date. Once an admission ticket has been received, it cannot be exchanged. Neither shall the admission price be refunded.

Article 2.4

The resale of entrance tickets is not permitted without the prior permission of the HRVR. The potential visitor may be denied access to the museum complex if it turns out that the entrance ticket, discount card or voucher has not been directly acquired from the HRVR or an organisation authorised for this purpose by the HRVR.

Article 2.5

The HRVR wants to give as many individuals and (school) groups as possible the opportunity to visit the HRVR Boutique, at an entry price determined by us. Travel organisations / tour operators may not make bookings for third parties.

Article 2.6

The HRVR shall refund the admission price only in the event a visitor must leave the museum complex prematurely due to an unannounced drill related to company health and safety policies as required by Croatian law or in the event of a genuine emergency in which the complex is entirely or partially evacuated. Repayment shall only occur in the event the visitor is unable to visit the museum once again that same or the following day using the same admission ticket.

Acces to the HRVR Boutique

Article 3.1

The visitor is only entitled to enter the HRVR Boutique on presenting a valid admission ticket.

Article 3.2

The visitor will be denied (further) access to HRVR Boutique if the HRVR establishes that:

  1. The admission ticket was not issued by the HRVR or an organisation or other legal entity authorised for this purpose by the HRVR;
  2. The visitor is manifestly under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar substances;
  3. The visitor manifestly causes a disturbance or has the manifest intention of causing a disturbance;
  4. The visitor wishes to enter the HRVR Boutique on bare feet and/or with an exposed upper body.

Visit to the HRVR Boutique

Article 4.1

While present in the HRVR boutique, the visitor shall act in accordance with the law, in particular related to public order and common decency, and behave according to the common rules applicable to the specific nature of the activity attended. The visitor is also obliged to obey directions or instructions given by the personnel of the HRVR boutique. If the visitor, according to the reasonable judgement of an authorized official of the HRVR boutique, who should be recognisable as such, acts in violation with these rules, directions or instructions in any way, he/she can be denied further access to the museum complex without that visitor having any right of refund of the cost of the admission ticket or any other costs incurred. A visitor who purchases admission tickets to the HRVR boutique for others also assumes responsibility for enforcing these Terms and Conditions on those visitors.

Article 4.2

Children under 12 years old may only visit the boutique when accompanied by an adult. Parents or supervisors of children shall always be responsible and accountable regarding the behaviour of the children they accompany. Teachers and supervisors of groups are responsible and accountable with regard to the behaviour of the groups they oversee. Parents, teachers, and supervisors of groups shall see to it that objects and materials on display are not touched.

Article 4.3

In the boutique complex, it is forbidden for visitors:

  1. to offer goods of any kind for sale to third parties or provide these free of charge;
  2. to interfere with other visitors by blocking their view of the objects on display intentionally or for an extended period;
  3. to give guided tours of the museum other than those given by the qualified museum personnel or without explicit permission from the management of the HRVR boutique;
  4. to hinder other visitors including, but not exclusively, by the use of mobile phones, portable music players or other sources of noise;
  5. to bring along animals or other pets, including guide dogs for the blind;
  6. to smoke in the museum complex;
  7. to bring food and drink into the boutique complex;
  8. to bring along dangerous objects or materials, at the discretion of the personnel of the HRVR boutique, including, but not exclusively, canes, umbrellas, rucksacks or large purses;
  9. to make use of prams, strollers and wheelchairs in all the indoor areas.


Article 4.4

The HRVR boutique is easily accessible for the physically disabled.

Article 4.5

The safety policies of the HRVR boutique can result in the personnel (temporarily) forbidding (certain) visitors access to a area.

Article 4.6

Under special circumstances, when the general safety of people or the collection reasonably demands so, the personnel can request permission to examine the (hand) luggage carried by the visitor. In the event that the visitor denies permission, the personnel are authorized to remove or arrange to have aforesaid visitor removed.

Article 4.7

It is allowed for the visitor to shoot photographs, video, or film in the boutique complex and to distribute or reproduce such photographs, video or film material in any manner or with any medium, including electronic media.

Article 4.8

There is camera surveillance in the HRVR boutique. Camera images will be retained for fourteen days. The museum thus complies with the legal obligations arising from the General Data Protection Regulation and in accordance with Data Protection Authority directives. Where an incident has been recorded, e.g. a criminal offence, which has or may have serious consequences, the images will be retained until the incident has been closed. Camera images will be made available to the police.

Article 4.9

The HRVR can allow photo and film reports to be made in the HRVR boutique by third parties. This material can be used for publicity purposes on the website, social media channels, in folders and in similar ways. By entering the HRVR boutique visitors declare that they agree to the publication of this material. If visitors object to the publication of images in which they are recognisable, they can notify the HRVR of this by completing the form that is attached to these Terms and Conditions, or by sending an email to info@vr.hr. In that case the HRVR will endeavour to prevent further publication of the material.


Article 5.1

The HRVR shall do everything possible to ensure that a visit to the boutique complex or the experience and activities organised by the HRVR proceed in accordance with the publicised program; this including the responsibility to inform the public as best as possible about a total, partial or premature closing of the boutique complex. Furthermore, the HRVR shall inform the public about hindrances caused by maintenance work, rebuilding or the arranging/rearranging of areas. The visitor can never derive a claim for compensation from this.

Article 5.2

The HRVR shall endeavour to make a visit as pleasant as possible. The HRVR, however, cannot provide any guarantees in this regard. In particular, it cannot guarantee that:

  • some visitors will not feel uncomfortable or nausea as a result of an immersive 3D images;
  • a visit will not be disrupted by nuisance or inconvenience caused by other visitors such as noise, inappropriate behaviour, theft and molestation;
  • a visit will not be disrupted by nuisance or inconvenience caused by maintenance work such as rebuilding or the arranging/rearranging of areas;
  • a visit shall not be disrupted by nuisance or inconvenience caused by improper functioning of any of the facilities.

Complaints related to the circumstances stated above will consequently not be taken under consideration for a refund.

Article 5.3

Complaints about the handling of requests for reclamation with regard to the agreement between the HRVR and the visitor must be submitted in writing and reach the HRVR within six weeks of the visit. Complaints submitted after this period will not be taken under consideration.

Article 5.4

A visitor who submits a complaint will receive a confirmation of receipt within three days. The complaint will be investigated and dealt with within two weeks.

Article 5.5

A visitor can submit complaints and suggestions for improvement in writing by completing the form attached to these Terms and Conditions or sending an email to info@vr.hr.

Article 5.6

It is entirely at the discretion of the management of the HRVR to determine whether complaints submitted via the complaint form shall result in repayment of the price of the admission ticket.

Force Majeure

Article 6.1

Any foreseeable or unforeseeable circumstance that impedes the performance of the agreement by the HRVR, whether permanently or temporarily, in such a way as to make the performance of the agreement impossible or unreasonably difficult constitutes force majeure with respect to the HRVR and as such shall mean that the HRVR shall not be responsible for any resulting shortcoming.

Article 6.2

The said circumstances shall include unexpected circumstances affecting persons and/or services and/or institutions which the HRVR makes use of in performing the visitor agreement, as well as everything that constitutes force majeure with respect to the aforesaid, or which shall constitute a suspensive condition, a condition subsequent or an attributable shortcoming on the part of the aforesaid.

Lost Property

Article 7.1

Lost property found by visitors in the boutique complex should be handed over to the Information Desk.

Article 7.2

The HRVR shall make every effort to determine the rightful owner of the lost property.

Article 7.3

In the event the owner or rightful claimant of the lost property makes his or herself known, he/she has the choice to pick up the goods himself/herself or have them sent to him/her, cash on delivery (C.O.D.) In either case, the owner shall furnish proper proof of identity.

Article 7.4

The HRVR reserves the right to dispose of lost property that is not picked up after three months.

Other Terms and Conditions

Article 8.1

In the event of a conflict between any provision of these Terms and Conditions and any other contractual provision, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. In the event that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is declared invalid or is nullified, the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions remain wholly in effect and the HRVR shall formulate a new provision to replace the invalidated and/or nullified provision, whereby as best as possible the purpose and tenor of the invalidated and/or nullified provision will be complied with.


Article 9.1

The HRVR attaches great importance to the careful handling of personal data. For this reason, we take great care in processing and securing personal data.

Read our privacy statement.

Applicable Law

Article 11.1

These Terms and Conditions for Visiting and the agreement between the visitor and the HRVR are subject to Croatian law.

Article 11.2

Any disputes arising between the visitor and the HRVR as a result of this agreement shall be decided upon only by a judge having jurisdiction in Zagreb, Croatia.